Ant Download Manager - User Guide
  • Main Window

Main Window


3. Start All - runs all added, pending, paused and stopped downloads relying on the parameter Maximum active downloads (see


). The remaining downloads go into a waiting state.

4. Stop All - all threads, connection, buffers close. Download goes into state Stop.
5. Delete - open context menu:
  • Delete
  • Delete All Completed - delete only all completed downloads
  • Delete All - clears list
Downloaded files do not delete. Tasks move to History.
Tip: delete a task without moving it to history - Ctrl+Del, delete a task without moving it to history and delete a downloaded file - Ctrl+Shift+Del.
6. Changing the download speed:
  • High - 100% of full speed.
  • Medium - 50% of full speed.
  • Low - 25% of full speed.
Tip: Some servers have a negative attitude towards reducing download speeds (delays between receiving packets to reduce download speed). If you encounter a file download error at a lower download speed, try to restore the full download speed. AntDM often recognizes such a problem on its own and restores the maximum download speed of the file.
See more Speed
7. Queues - queue management.
8. Program Settings (Config).
9. Bug Report - calls a mail program to send a message to our support or Contact Us.
10. Turn off the PC when all downloads are completed - see Turn off the PC. This option is only activated during file download, when all downloads are completed or after a certain time, the computer will automatically shut down. Before PC turns off you will see a 30 second shutdown warning. You can have time to stop turning off the PC.
11. Go to the webpage of our site to review the terms and conditions or purchase a license.
13. Hide\Show capture window - disable\enable Video Box.  See more Video Box.
14. Link Parking - disable\enable Link Parking window.
15. Always on top - enabling this option causes the main program window to always overlap other windows.
16. Calling AntDM User Guide (help) or press F1.
17. Minimize the main program window.
18. Maxinize\Restore the main program window.
19. Close AntDM.
20. Switch to mode Grouping with Tree.
21. Calling help Grouping with Categories.
22. Grouping with Panel categories of files.
23. Progress - download progress. On the bottom and right is the number of threads of the current download
24. The main window supports Drag&Drop. You can Drag&Drop any single link (video link) from the browser to the main window to download the file or drag the downloaded file to any folder.
25. File download indicator..
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