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Report a Problem

Most of the time, we receive messages from users who report a problem or a possible bug.
These users write only a few words, or only one short sentence. It is insufficient!
To solve your problem, provide us with some information:
  • Specify step by step how to reproduce a problem (a bug);
  • Screenshot of an error;
  • Links that you cannot download;
  • Make sure you're using the latest version of AntDM;
  • Your version of Windows;
  • Your Internet browser : Chrome, Opera, Edge, Firefox , ... and its version;
  • If a AntDM error message is displayed, give it to us;
  • For a download problem, give the link of the file and the address of the webpage, your download settings (number of threads and method used);
  • Please specify whether it is a standard (or classic) download or a download with Premium Link Generators (Debrids).
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