Ant Download Manager - User Guide


AntDM automatically checks for fresh updates at a specified periodicity. If an update is found, you will see a window with a description of the current changes and a suggestion to update the program to the latest version.
If you agree and click the button Update, the program will automatically update itself, if you refuse and click Cancel, then some days later you will see this window again. You can also skip this update by clicking the button Skip this version.
never check for updates - disables automatic update search. How to restore this window see General.
AntDM is updated quite often. Perhaps this annoys some users.
There are two reasons for this. We are in development: new ideas are emerging, new opportunities are added, new mistakes are made, and old mistakes are corrected.
The second reason does not depend on us. We try to respond quickly to changes in new versions of browsers, websites, media formats, various services, libraries, etc. Unfortunately they make changes in their work without consulting us.
Thank you for understanding!
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