Ant Download Manager - User Guide

Context Menu

In the Main Window and in List View or Thumbnail View right-click your mouse,  a context menu will appear.  Menu items can be different, available or inaccessible in dependence where you are in List View, Thumbnail View or History and you select on task or more.
Open - initiate an action relying on the file type: opens, executes, plays the file.
Open folder - opens the folder where the file is located (opens the file location)
Rename - changes the name of the file, you must wait until the end of the download.
Copy URL - copies the download address (link) of the file to the Clipboard.
Redownload - downloads the file again. If the file was downloaded it will be removed.
Start , Pause, Stop - start, pause or stop selected tasks. Learn more detail in List View.
Force Download - if  the maximum number of downloads assigned in the settings already are downloading and you want to add one more download in excess of the set amount, then you can force the download.
Refresh Download Address - if the address to the file is outdated and you can not download it, you can try to refresh this link and its session data. AntDM will launch the browser on the page where you grabbed this link. Select it again. If possible, AntDM automatically will grab this link again and downloads file.
Scheduler - you can scheduler a start time for the downloads and automatically turn off the PC. See Scheduler and Turn Off the PC. For Premium Link Generators, the status of the hosts can be modified, and download later can cause download failures.
Extract audio MP3 track - if the selected file is a video file with an audio track, then there is an additional possibility to extract an audio track from the video and convert it into the most popular MP3 audio format.
Merge Video Files - allows to combine two or more selected video files of the same format or combine video without sound and audio files into one video file with sound. See Merge Video Files.
Shift Audio Track - Sometimes you may notice quite a bit of desynchronization between the audio and video tracks. You can try synchronizing the sound to the video yourself. See Shift Audio Track.
Speed - you can choose a download speed for a single download. (High, Medium, Low, Default)
Priority - these are priorities for downloading. Usually, when you add downloads to the downloads list and when you click the button "Start all downloads " :
- the first is always started first, and the last one is finished last.
You can change this start order and choose a download priority for each. (default: Normal)
Example:  on the last download of the list, you put the priority "High" and for another download, a priority "Above". Result: the last download of the list will start first, and the other download will start in second. Then the usual starting order, from the first of the list to the last one.
2nd Example: on a first download, a priority "Low" and on a second, you put a priority "Below".
Result: the others downloads in the list will be started first, (the downloads with priority "Low" or "Below" will be ignored). The first download with a "Low" priority will be downloaded last.
Disable - excludes a task from processing. If you want to download this file then you have to manually enable a task .
Show progress window - to display the download progress window for a single download. See Progress Window
Move to queue - moves a download or download group to one of the queues. See Queues.
Delete from queue - deletes the download(s) from the queue. See Queues.
View - Thumbnail View can be represented in three sizes of images: Small, Medium and Large Images.
Delete :
There is a number, it means the number of downloads in the list.
  • Delete - deletes the selected items to History (the number means the number of downloads selected)
    Quick Deletion:
  • Del - deletes task to History
  • Shift+Del - deletes task without movement to History
  • Ctrl+Shift+Del - deletes task without movement to History and delete file from disk (Full deletion)
  • Delete all completed - delete only completed downloads; this function does not delete the files from the hard disk.
  • Delete all - removes all downloads from the list
Sort by - context menu of sorting only for Thumbnail View
Properties - See Properties of a Download.
Thumbnails - switches to an alternative list display mode of large thumbnails. See Thumbnail View.
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