Ant Download Manager - User Guide

Toolbar Icon States

After integration into browsers Chrome, Firefox and their clones, an active AntDM icon should appear in the toolbar. This is a good sign - integration has occurred.
The toolbar icon can have several states.
The extension is inactive:
  • browser extension is turn off;
  • AntDM software is not installed;
  • AntDM software is incorrectly installed (extension cannot find the native part).
The extension is active. Capture works for any files.
The extension is active, but the user manually turned off the video capture. For most cases, this is a good mode of operation - browser resources are saved and the extension is not too intrusive to attract attention.
The extension is active, but media capture is not allowed on the current tab. See more Video Capture (Sites excluded from video capture)
After clicking on the AntDM icon in the browser toolbar, a pop-up window of this kind will open:
ON -  means that the extension is in working order. You can benefit from the automatic download.
If the automatic download does not fire to download a file, please check that the file type is present in the list in the settings (see File Types).
If you click on it, OFF activates and its operation is stopped. (automatic mode and video capture is suspended). The logo icon will change the look with  on .
Video ON - means that the extension is in working condition for the videos. When playing a video, on a website, the video button will be displayed. If video OFF, the video button is not displayed but automatic downloads are still enabled. The logo icon will change the look with  on .
For Chromium clones, it is possible to switch the video capture mode Video Button or Video Box.
Tip: In most cases, video capture can be turned off because it uses significant resources to track links and search for playback frames. If you see that your browser can quicker work, then switch off  Video OFF switcher and turn on it only if it is necessary to capture video links.
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