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Add Video Download

In the Main Window click on the button , then window Enter The Address to Analyze Url opens. You can also open this window via the notification area (system tray) menu by right-clicking on the AntDM icon.
Tip: conveniently, video links Drag & Drop to the Main Window or the Link Parking window. Again, the Enter The Address to Analyze Url window opens.
URL - address of the video link. If the URL was copied from the clipboard, then AntDM will automatically parse the link.
Select the links you want to download in the list of available formats. The choice is made by setting a green square in the far left field, as shown in the screenshot.
If you want to download the file immediately, click Download, if you want to download later, click Download later. In the latter case, you must start the download manually.
Note: in the case of Download Later, do not forget that video services tend to have links with a limited life time. After this time, the links become unavailable. Most likely when you type such a link, you will receive an HTTP403 or HTTP404 error.
For Youtube links, there are additional options for downloading media files.
Youtube usually returns three types of links: video links video with sound, video links without sound and links to sound without video.
AntDM allows you to download these links as is or convert audio to MP3 format or to join a video file without sound with the selected audio track.
For example:
Add Video Download
1. only sound
2. only video
3. subtitles.
Note: subtitles can only be downloaded if the video was translated by a translator and the subtitles were saved on the youtube server.
Subtitles that are automatically translated in real time cannot be downloaded.
If you want to download only sound then you see a question Do you want to convert audio to MP3 format?. In most case you should answer Yes. Youtube does not have MP3 sound links.
Sound links have to convert to most popular sound format MP3. If you will answer No then, sure, you know wnat you are doing.
If you want to join an audio track to the selected video, AntDM will show you the following dialog window with a list of available audio files. Select the desired audio file and click Yes. If you click No, AntDM will download the WEBM video file in its original format.
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