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Hoster Status

What is Debrids (Premium Link Generators) and how to start working with it, see Premium Link Generators.
It is often convenient to see the status of the file hosters of Premium Link Generators without going to Premium Link Generators administration panel in the browser.
To see the status, click on the cloud with the down arrow as shown in the picture below. Mainly  you can see here a particular hoster is currently available or not.
A hoster may not be available due to technical reasons on the side of the hoster itself or due to a problem with Premium Link Generators itself.
AntDM makes a request to Premium Link Generator  to obtain detailed information of the availability of file hosting services. You need to have a view that the state of hosters is not transmitted in real time and may differ slightly from the real one.
The status of the hosts is displayed:
  • Online (or in service), these hosters are expected to function normally (green color);
  • Off line (or "down"/maintenance) in red color ---> you must wait for an "online" state to be able to generate and download.
    (this information was transmitted by the Premium Link Generator service).
Note: some Premium Link Generators do not provide detailed information of the status of hosters. In this case, you need to go to the administrative panel of the Premium Link Generator s in the browser.
Warning for free accounts of Premium Link Generators supported by AntDM:
After registration, for certain debrids you can use their service for free, usually this service is limited to a few hosts.
Be aware that Premium accounts (free accounts) , do not allow the use of AntDM to generate links.
- You must generate download links from the Premium Link Generator website and after you can use AntDM to download the file. This is a requirement of Premium Link Generators  and not a limitation of AntDM. (we must respect the API*)
*API = this is a kind of extension for software. An API is used to communicate between the software and the internet service.
This API or the instruction to create the API in AntDM, was provided to us by each supported service.
The help manual was created with Dr.Explain

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