Ant Download Manager - User Guide


The additional tab Speed ​​allows you to quickly set an individual speed for the current download or change the speed for all downloads at once.
Please keep in mind that reducing the download speed is an increase in the time between sending\receiving the packages, also note the following points:
  •  not all sites allow such delays (a site can accept such a delay as breaking the connection), if AntDM starts to receive numerous errors, it ignores the user's desire to reduce the speed and downloads the file at full speed;
  •  to slow down on 50%(Medium) of 25%(Low), you have to calculate the delay time. To do this, downloading starts at full speed, the delay time is calculated and only then the download speed decreases. If the files are small, such as streaming video, the delay time does not have time to apply - the file has already been downloaded. In the case of "Rate limit KB/s" the speed limit takes effect immediately.
Apply to Current - sets the download speed for the current download.
Apply to All - sets the download speed to all downloads.
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