Ant Download Manager - User Guide

Turn off the PC

The button  sets the computer's shutdown mode after downloading files. This button only works if there are active downloads, otherwise you will receive a message that there are no active downloads.
In the screenshot below you can see several modes of turning off the computer.
Save options - the window will remember your choice and next time will suggest it by default.
Do not show this dialog again - if you do not plan on to use Turn off the PC , you can disable this window. You can still turn off the computer after downloading all the files, but you will not see the scheduler selection dialog. How to show this dialog again see Miscallaneous.
If you have selected Turn Off PC mode, you will see a mode indication - red icons of the Main Window and the Progress window. Repeated pressing of these buttons cancels the shutdown of the computer after downloading.
Before turning off your computer AntDM shows warning message, AntDM will display a warning message so that you can refuse the last time.
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