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Merge Video Files

    Sometimes (very rarely) some sites make videos of several independent files of the same length following one after the other.
Our software can not get the entire list of files automatically. You must help him Each subsequent video file comes after the end of the previous one. To determine the duration of each video file is simple - just download it and you will see its duration. To download all files, you must move the slider consistently every N minutes (for confidence just over N minutes). As a result, you will receive a list of captured video links. Download them. Select them. In the context menu, select "Merge Video Files". Make sure all the video files are in the correct order.
    If you need to extract only the audio track in MP3 format from the final video, then use the additional setting - Extract audio MP3 track.
In some cases, it is convenient to replace the names of downloaded video files with the names of video links, which may contain the video fragment number in their name.
For it to use option "Replace file names with video link names".
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