Ant Download Manager - User Guide

Grouping with Tree

Click on the button    to open Tree grouping of files by category.  the standard for most file downloaders.
All Downloads - shows all tasks in all states and all file types except for History and Scheduled.
If you click   then open the tree branch. All downloads are grouped by Categories type.
Context menu of each category allows:
  • Opens the folder that is assigned to the file type
  • Reassigns folder to File Type
  • Shows folder properties
Downloading  - shows all tasks in "Downloading" state.
Finished - shows all tasks in "Complete" state...
History - AntDM allows you to store download history. Learn more see History.
Scheduled - the user can schedule the start of the download at a specific time or day,  also shuts down the PC after downloading all files or at a specified time. Learn more see Scheduler and Turn off the PC.
Queues - queue management.  Learn more see Queues.
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