Ant Download Manager - User Guide

Register License

After purchase of the license of the software product the buyer has to receive the license email with the subject "AntGROUP Inc. - Registration key" on E-mail, which the buyer has specified at payment.
The license must register - enter registration data into the program. From Main Menu select Registration.
The form will be opened, which you see below. Input your registration data as you see on the screenshot example. To avoid input errors, it is better to make it copying text fields via a clipboard.
Attention: If you have a giveaways version then keep in mind the giveaways software has no registration form. You have to download the last software's version from our site and install it.
Click on Ок button. If registration data was correct you will receive the message of successful registration and you will see your registration in heading of the program .
Attention: the license email goes within 5-10 minutes after payment.. Rarely later for technical reasons. If you still haven't received the license email  with a registration key, then:
1. it was probably blocked by the Spam filter. Please look for it in the Spam folder.
2. Also some network providers (such as,,,,,,,,, etc) reject our auto-generated email responses. Email us.
3. If the user made a mistake when you specify its address when purchasing a license then the license letter will not be able to find him. Email us. We will try to help you.
Note: If you have lost your license E-mail with the registration key, see FAQ.
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