Ant Download Manager - User Guide
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Queue is a powerful automation tool for delayed file downloads. This can be useful when it is desirable to start a routine download of files during cheaper Internet traffic or with freer network downloads, for example at night.
Allow the use of queues - if you want to use download queues, select this checkbox. By default, queue support is disabled.
New - creates a new queue.
Edit - allows you to change the name of an existing queue.
Delete - deletes the queue. The downloads that were associated with the queue lose this bind.
When you click the "Download Later" button, the program will stop the download and place it in the "Main download queue". You can start all tasks in the queue manually or schedule the download time. For convenience, you can create several queues, for example, one for night downloading, another for periodic, a third for manual, and a fourth only for video files, etc.
Note: do not forget that some links have a limited lifetime. After some time, they become outdated and do not give the opportunity to download the file or require user participation to update the link and continue downloading.
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