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I bought a license. How can I activate it?
I can register a license. The program reports an error.
  • one of the known errors: it is not possible to register the program if the user login with a temporary use profile. In this case, Windows does not support some crypto API functions.
    Sometimes Windows may not read your correct user profile properly, instead it will load with temporary profile which will look like a new user profile. If you are not aware that it is a temporary profile on your Windows laptop or desktop computer, then you will be surprised to see the brand new desktop without your files, folders, program shortcut icons and any personalized settings.
I bought a license. I changed computer or reinstalled Windows. I lost my license.
  • you can retrieve it by filling this form, at this address. You will receive an e-mail at the e-mail address entered at the time of purchase; (if you do not receive the mail, check the SPAM file or unwanted folder)
I bought a license. I already installed AntDM on a computer. I bought a second computer. Can I install and use AntDM on this new computer?
  • yes, the license allows you to install and use AntDM on as many computers as you want but you should not use AntDM simultaneously or at the same time. The license is for one user only.
I programmed, scheduled a download and the download failed.
  • with Premium Link Generators (Debrids). the status of the host has changed at the time of the download (down or offline) or the host has removed the availability of the file;
  • loss of your connection;
  • the download address has been changed or the file has become unavailable (or website is inaccessible);
  • a new version has replaced your file;
My Anti-Virus detects malware, blocks software from running and triggers a virus alert for AntDM. Do you distribute malware?
There are numerous comments of our users who write about the blocking of our software by their Anti-Viruses. They often think that we are distributing malware.These alarm messages of Anti-Virus programs is called False Positives.
The 90s passed, at that time users were infected their PC with getting the software. Currently, if we distribute the malware, Google will quickly block our site and guys in uniform will come to our home!Now one of the main ways to infect your computer is to install the exploit on the hacked sites that you visit daily. This happens imperceptibly and anonymously.
We do not have the ability to install several dozens of anti-virus software to test our software. Instead, we are testing a release build on a popular resource designed for such purposes. If the tests pass without false positives or with a minimum number, then a new version of AntDM is released.
Thank you for understanding!
The integration was done correctly but I still do not see the video box or the video button.
  • first try restarting the browser, and even better, restarting your PC. It will reset it to the initial state of the operating system, browser, AntDM program and the browser extension.
  • you did the integration when your internet browser was open, restart your internet browser.
  • check to see if you have an extension disabled. The AntDM extension icon in the browser toolbar, the button is OFF or video OFF, turn ON.
  • if you have a problem with capturing video in Chrome or Firefox browser, then check whether the video capture window is hidden the AntDM button . See. Main Window.
  • try to reopen this website on the new tab.
  • if you used to use video capture on this site, and now it does not work, then probably thes site has changed something in the algorithm of its work. Send this link to us for the test.
  • perhaps this website or media protocol is not supported. Send this link to us for the test.
I wanted to download a file and this error message appears HTTP403(404,410). What does it mean?
  • 403 file access denied. One of the possible reasons is the outdated link and it needs to be updated, to receive (generate) again.
  • 404 URL адрес файла неправильный. The server did not find the file at this address. The link is probably outdated and needs to be retrieved (generated) again.
  • 410 доступ к этому файлу больше не доступен. Most likely the link is outdated and needs to be retrieved (generated) again.
I got download error INETxx, HTTPxxx, WINxx. What does it mean?
    I try to download EXE, ZIP, DOC, PDF, AVI,.... file but get HTML file. Why?
  • file has new MIME that is not registered in AntDM. Send this link to us for test.
  • the file hosting has protection from external downloaders. Send this link to us  for test. Also see here.
  • problems with debrid service. See here.
    I pay my Internet provider for Internet bandwidth, eg 100 Mbit /s. I see the value of 5MB in your progress window. Why so?
       At the beginning you should convert 5MB to units of measurement Mbps is 40Mbps. So, the download speed of 40 Mbit/s is the speed at which the file travels through the Internet network through many providers, servers, routers and other communication equipment. Each element in this journey may have its own bandwidth, which is shared along with other traveling files and which may eventually be lower than the bandwidth your provider declares. In other words, the speed at which your file is delivered is equal to the throughput rate of the weakest element in this chain.
        In addition, the overhead costs of signaling protocols should be subtracted from the stated bandwidth of the provider, and the costs of possible other home consumers (for example, Internet TV, WiFi consumers, etc ) should be added to your 40 Mbit/s.
        And, Attention! Do not forget about your HDD where the file is written. It can greatly slow down the download. Perhaps it is very crowded, defragmented, and at the same time other competing devices address it. All this greatly reduces the final download speed of the file.
    Tip: if you have high-speed Internet, if possible, use SSD drives, this will greatly speed up the final download speed.
    I want my Anti-virus to check the downloaded files. Is it possible?
    All modern Ant-iviruses check the Internet channel through which files are delivered to your computer and disk at the time when the files are saved. Do you want to test downloaded file again? Ok then see Anti-virus scan of the downloaded file
    I downloaded the video, but the picture is gray, black, floating, etc. Why?
    Most likely, the video service has protection from video downloading by external programs. The video stream is encrypted.
    We use standard streaming algorithms for downloading videos. It does not provide for encryption of video content.
    Unpleasantly blinking  Video Button Window.
    Some time ago, the software could have captured video from, but now it doesn't. Why?
  • In some cases, the browser caches the video file. The next time it is played back, the browser reads the file from the cache and plays it back.
    AntDM intercepts a link from the Internet, not from the internal browser cache. Try to clear the browser cache.
  • The site video owner may have changed the video playback method, video protocol, etc.
Too intrusive.
It is possible to take some steps that will reduce the "intrusiveness" of the softwate.
  • Disable video\audio capture. Turn ON it only when you want to capture a video or an audio file.
  • Disable the extension. It will not bother you and take up browser resources.Turn ON if will be necessary.
  • You can turn off the video capture notification for Video Box and show it only if you want to download the video (audio).
These recommendations will significantly reduce annoying software notifications.
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