Ant Download Manager - User Guide

Properties of a Download

Right click on a download line and select Properties in context menu:
Here you may get some information about file or change download parameters are such link, Method, Cookies, User-Agent, etc.
The first tab has name of a file category, In our example, the tab has a name "Video" :
You can find any download information. You may change the download parameters are such link, Method, Cookies, User-Agent, etc.
Button "L"\"E"  switch Link and Edit mode of links.
Tip: You have started a download but you notice a problem with the server later. You do not want to restart or abort data already downloaded. You can stop this download (do not pause) and replace this link with another link to that same file from a different download address. The file must be exactly the same as the original file.
This is possible when you have several sources (or several servers) or several different hosting links, on the website, to download the file.
The second "Extra" tab
You can see the default configuration. You can change the download settings: speed, number of fragments (connection number), priority, GET or POST method.
And make a checksum of the file to check the integrity of the file. When the file is downloaded, click on "calculate" and compare the cheksum information on the website where you downloaded the file (checksum information must be present: either MD5 or SHA-1, or SHA-256 or SHA -512)
If the 2 checksums are identical, the integrity of the file is correct (the file is not corrupted).
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