Ant Download Manager - User Guide

Progress Window

When you add a new download, the Progress window is automatically launched by the task scheduler. Each new download is added to the Progress window list. This prevents many progress windows on the screen. If this window is missing (disabled, closed, or for another reason), it can be opened from Context Menu. While the file is downloading, the window title shows the progress of the download status. If the audio track is downloaded separately from the video, the red progress line indicates the status of the audio download.
Always on Top - предотвращает наложение других окон на Прогресс окно.
Shutdown the computer when download(s) complete  - see

Turn off the PC

  pin - this allows you to pin the download progress in the foreground. New downloads will add to the background.
  close - this removes the download from the Progress window's download list..
Tab Status
Status - the following task states are predefined:
  • Downloading - the file is being downloaded (during download).
  • Conversion -  converting (merging) media files.
  • Waiting - the file is in the waiting list (file in queue).
  • Stopped -the download is stopped (all threads, buffers, connections were closed).
  • Complete - the download is finished.
  • Pause - the download is in pause  (all threads, buffers, connections is opened).
  • Error - an error occurred while downloading or saving the file to disk.
Folder - the place where the file will be saved.
Size - download file size, if it is possible to determine it in advance and the number of bytes downoaded..
Speed - this is your current download speed (byte per second).
Estimated - this is the waiting time. This length can lengthen if your internet connection becomes weak, or reduce if your Internet connection speed increases significantly.
Resume capability (Resume supported)
  • Yes - supported by the server. When the download is stopped (connection failure, computer restart),  it is possible to restore the resume of the file from the interrupted place.
  • No - the server does not support (does not resolve) the resume. If the download has been interrupted, the next time it will resume from the beginning of the file.
Do not show this dialog again - If you do not want this window to be displayed, check the box. How to show Progress window again see Downloads.
Close this dialog after downloading - you can enable the automatic closing of the window when the download is complete. This will happen 3 seconds after the file is downloaded.
Tips: pay attention after downloading, the file type icon or video file thumbnail acquires propertie Drag&Drop. You may move downloaded file to your workplace or any folder.
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