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Add Several Downloads simultaneously

The window Download All Links with AntDM appears in the following cases:
- the clipboard contains several links, which the program detects and offers them for download;
- you saved links for downloading to a text file and opened it with the help of item Main Menu\File\Load link file;
- you selected in the context menu of the browser Download Selected or Download All (see the example in the screenshot).
A dialog window opens where you can select the necessary files and mark them with a green marker for downloading, as shown in the screenshot. If you want to select all files then click on the marker in the list header on  the left side.
Scan links - the software scans all the links and gets the file type and size, showing the progress of the server survey.
For example, having the link, it is impossible to tell which file is behind it. It could be html, or it could be zip or exe. After scanning, AntDM can detect that this link hides a file 35MB. It will be easier for you to select and mark it for downloading.
If you do not need this analysis, then disable this scan.
Line for a search - narrowing the search for "File Name", "Link" and "Link Text" fields.
Checkboxes are convenient for analyzing links from a web page when you use the context menu of the browser to select files for downloading. Several variants of these filters cut out groups of files by their types.
There is an additional advanced ability to filter and mark certain types of files for download.
The Filter dialog box allows you to select from the list all files by specified types (extensions) - "Search by file types" or perform a search of a text string across all columns - "Search for text". In the first case, file types can be defined by belonging to a certain category of files or in an arbitrary list of extensions separated by commas.
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