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Premium Link Generators (Debrids)

Premium Link Generator or other name Debrid is SaaS (Software as a Service) web service, which is a platform for aggregating the content of multiple file hosting such as
1fichier, depositfiles, rapidshare, etc. It allows users to receive content from multiple sources and aggregate it under one user account. You do not need to have and pay for a separate account on each hosting, but you should just register one account on one Premium Link Generator.
How does Premium Link Generator work?
Premium Link Generator has premium accounts on many file hostings (1fichier, depositfiles, rapidshare, ...). When you add a link to download a file from these sites, your Premium Link Generator sends you a direct premium link from this site or downloads the file to its server and sends the link already from its server to you for download in your browser or any other software designed for downloading files.
Here are some examples of the most popular Premium Link Generators we currently support:,,,,,,,,, and more.
We don't pretend to cover all Premium Link Generators in full and to have extended support functionality for them. There are good softwares that specialize in this. They are much more powerful and functional. Our software has only an additional useful free Premium Link Generator support function for a undemanding user.
To enable support for one of the Premium Link Generators, you must have a paid account for one (or more) Premium Link Generators. Creating an account and paying for the premium period is done on the web site of the Premium Link Generator itself. In our software you only need to add the credentials of the Premium Link Generatorr. How to do it see Premium Link Generator settings.
The free and outdated accounts can not be registered in AntDM.
Next, you should add a link like this:
to  Add New Download window
If the premium link is confirmed by your Premium Link Generator, you will see a similar screen.
Before adding a new link to download a file, it is useful to make sure that the file hoster is currently available. This can be done in the Web admin panel of Premium Link Generator, but sometimes it is convenient to view the status of file hosters in Hoster Status window. To do this, you do not need to visit the web browser in the administrative panel of your Premium Links Generator.
Note: if the download list is in thumbnail view, then you should switch to table view. It is easy to do it using the context menu of the item "Table".
Some frequently asked questions about Multihostere see FAQ.
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