Ant Download Manager - User Guide

Additional Tabs

Additional tabs Download, Scheduler, Media are less commonly used, but they expand the functionality of the file download settings. If these parameters are left unchanged, the program uses the default settings from the Program Settings.
Download - for a single download, you can modify the speed, the number of thread (number of connection to the file) and fill in the checksum: MD5, SHA.  See Downloads.
Authorization - fill these fields if a username and password are required to download. You can save it, activate the box. Also see Authorization.
Scheduler - allows you to individually schedule downloads without using queues. Learn more detail Scheduler and Turn off the PC.
MP3 - you can set the quality of the output MP3 audio file. The selected bitrate of the output audio file can not be higher than the bitrate of the original file. A list of standard bitrates is offered for selection.
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