Ant Download Manager - User Guide

Download YouTube playlist or channel

There is an additional option to display the YouTube playlist or channel and download all or selected video. A link must have a specific playlist tag for playlist, for example or for channel channel, for example
Paste the link into the URL field, click on the button Do. Select the files to download (to the left of the video title green marker) and video quality (combobox below).
If you want to download the file immediately, click Download, if you want to download later, click Download Later. In the latter case, you must start the download manually.
Quality to download - the default is given a list of standard video formats
"MP4 144p"
"MP4 240p"
"MP4 360p"
"MP4 4608p"
Exact match - in general, if you want to download a video MP4 1440p, but youtube did not provide video with this resolution, AntDM will select the next existing video quality and download it. When the option "Exact match" is set. the video with the missing quality will be skipped from the download.
Add a file sequence number to its name - adds a digit - the file number in the playlist to the beginning of the file name.
Injection Types ---------------
Video - Video.
Thumbnail - a thumbnail image. Thumbnails are downloaded without format conversion. It may be WebP format (google image format).
Subtitles - download subtitles if they are found. You can select one of the subtitle languages. You should be remembered that subtitles are not always available, and if they do, in automatic google translation.
Injection Range ---------------
All - downloading of all selected videos.
Range - the range of downloading selected videos. This feature can be useful if you are trying to download a large list of videos in several stages.
Note: sometimes you may receive the following message
This message say that the quota for a youtube video link exhausted. For details, see Youtube settings.
Where to get the playlist link? - For example here
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