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Video Button

Note: Free version has limitations in video capture and video conversion.
Currently, Video Button is supported in Google Chrome browser and its many clones.
The browser extension constantly scans the links passing through it in the search for a media stream or links to a video file. If a video stream or video file is found, the extension shows a characteristic button of blue color. Clicking on the white arrow Down will show the menu with the selection of available video (type, format, quality, resolution) files to download.
When a video or audio stream is detected, the browser extension tries to find the tab and frame for which this video is intended. If the tab and frame are uniquely defined, then the button is positioned above the video frame on the right. If the frame cannot be determined, then the button is positioned in the upper right corner of the tab. But, sometimes it happens that the extension cannot unambiguously determine the browser tab and video frame. In this case, the video button will not be shown. To capture such a video, you can switch to Video Box mode and try to re-capture the video file (how to do this see here). Video Box works easier - it does not need a tab and frame to attach a video to them.
If you don't want to capture video on some site and a video button to be shown, you can close it by selecting Don't capture media files from this site menu bar. You can then always remove this site from the list of exceptions and the video button will appear again on this site.
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