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Torrent (BitTorrent) is a special P2P (peer-to-peer) protocol designed to exchange files between users. The main feature of this protocol is that users download files not from some server, and each other - directly from PC. The scheme of exchange is organized in an effective way: the protocol will choose the fastest source, and if something happens to it (will turn off or the speed will drop dramatically) - the protocol will choose another source. In addition, the files are not downloaded sequentially, but in different segments, which allows a very flexible organization of the distribution: as soon as you start downloading something, you are automatically included in the distribution at the same time, allowing other users to download those pieces of the file that you have already downloaded yourself.
AntDM supports BitTorrent protocol implemented by project.
Hereinafter we assume that you know what content is available for free download and what is not and that you do not infringe the copyrights of the content owners. If you do not know or doubt whether content can be downloaded from the site, please refer to the relevant sections of the sites to the content distributors.
How does it work?
If you intend to download torrent files in your future work, choose BitTorrent peer-to-peer protocol support when installing AntDM software. The installer will copy the corresponding BitTorrent protocol support modules.
It is also recommended to add AntDM to the list of exceptions for Windows Firewall. If you do not, Windows Firewall will open a warning window with the necessary instructions when downloading torrent files. You can associate torrent files with the AntDM program. Windows will replace the torrent file icons with AntDM icons, when you open any torrent file, it will launch AntDM, and browsers will offer to open torrent magnetic links and torrent files in our program. If you do not associate torrent files with AntDM, you can always manually add the new torrent download in  Add New Download dialog box.
By default, the torrent file is downloaded by your browser, you open it through the browser and pass it to AntDM for download. If you want AntDM automatically captures and downloads the torrent file, add the torrent extension to automatically download as it shown below.
After capturing the torrent file, Download Torrent with AntDM window will appear. Click Download button in this window, the libtorrent component will start searching for available peers and when they are found the download will start.
More settings for torrent download you can find shere.
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