Ant Download Manager - User Guide
  • Installation


The installation of AntDM is simple enought and standard. As the installer we use well-known popular Free project  Inno Setup (
If you receive an error message during the installation of AntDM, then there is a possibility that this is Inno Setup error or a conflict between your antivirus and Inno Setup.
  • Run downloaded setup file AntDM.<version number>-setup.exe
  • Select your preferred install language. This language will set as the default software language. When the installation will be completed you can change it in AntDM Main Menu\View\Languages.
    If you want to help the project and add a new translation of our program - welcome! Please Contact Us.
    There is an etalon of a language file for our volunteers translators here "C:\Program Files (x86)\Ant Download Manager\Languages\0409_en.lng". Pay attention the code of a language file is UTF-8.
  • Welcome screen, Next.
  • You should accept the license agreement and click Next button.
  • Select the installation folder by yourself, or leave the default. Click Next button.
  • Available Components:
      FFmpeg Media Converter - it is necessary for many downloads of audio and video files, their conversion and gluing.
      Debrid (Premium Link Generator) support -  if you have a subscription to one of the premium link generator (,,,,,,,, etc) to select this component.
      BitTorrent protocol support - AntDM supports the BitTorrent protocol implemented project. If your country is allowed BitTorrent and you want to AntDM downloads torrent files, select this component. In turn, we mean that you will download legal content.
  • Add an exception for AntDM to Windows Firewall - BitTorrent uses a different set of ports to connect to other clients. If you want Windows Firewall each time did not ask permission and allow to AntDM free connect the network, check this box.
  • Associate *.torrent files with AntDM - If you check this box, Windows will know to the default to open the torrent file it should run AntDM.
    Click Next button.
  • Where do you want to store downloaded files? By default, the downloaded files are stored in standard folders in your windows profile.
      For example (C:\Users\<name>\Documents, C:\Users\<name>\Downloads, C:\Users\<name>\Pictures, etc)
    Click Next button.
  • no comments. Click Next button.
  • completion of the installation:
    Launch Ant Download Manager - the program automatically starts at once after installation.
    I allow to collect the log of AntDM work to improve product quality - we collect your personal data of an information about your PC, as a rule the program errors are collected.
    Click Finish button.
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