Ant Download Manager - User Guide


Load Link File - you can create a text file, for example with Notepad, and write or paste download links. Then, using this function, you can directly import all your links directly into AntDM by selecting this text file.
Tip: you can copy a number of links to the clipboard (make sure that in Programm Settings, the capture of links from the clipboard is enabled). AntDM constantly looks through the clipboard in the search for links. If the links are found, a pop-up window with a suggestion to download them will pop up.
Export Software Settings to File - if necessary, you can save the current software settings to a file and subsequently restore them or port them to another PC.
Import Software Settings from File - when importing settings from a file, the current settings are completely replaced. Old settings are not saved. After importing, you may have to fix some settings related to the configuration of you PC itself, such as a folder for saving downloads, a folder for temporary files, etc.
Exit - Close completely AntDM.
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