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Top Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yesterday everything worked very well, but today it stopped. What could happen?

Most likely the reason is on your PC (updates, installation of other programs or software conflict, OS error, Antivirus, etc...).

Try the following steps and after each step, check if the problem is resolved.

  • if you have a problem with a browser extension:
    • reboot AntDM extension (to disable and immediately enable our extension)
    • How to enable Ant Download Manager extension for Chrome browser.

      How to do it for Chrome browser and its clones.

      How to enable Ant Download Manager extension for Firefox browser.

      How to do it for Mozilla Firefox browser.

    • reboot your browser
    • reinstall integration to browsers. How to do it see here here
  • reboot PC
  • reinstall the software (First you need to completely remove the software - C:\Program Files (x86)\Ant Download Manager\unins000.exe. This will clear all the wrong software installation.)
  • maybe your Antivirus disables the software

My Anti-Virus detects malware, blocks software from running and triggers a virus alert for AntDM. Do you distribute malware?

There are numerous comments of our users who write about the blocking of our software by their Anti-Viruses. They often think that we are distributing malware.These alarm messages of Anti-Virus programs is called False Positives.

The 90s passed, at that time users were infected their PC with getting the software. Currently, if we distribute the malware, Google will quickly block our site and guys in uniform will come to our home!Now one of the main ways to infect your computer is to install the exploit on the hacked sites that you visit daily. This happens imperceptibly and anonymously.

We do not have the ability to install several dozens of anti-virus software to test our software. Instead, we are testing a release build on a popular resource designed for such purposes. If the tests pass without false positives or with a minimum number, then a new version of AntDM is released.

Thank you for understanding!

Could you add support DRM video protection? Please add support a subscription site ...

DRM(Digital Rights Management) video protection is a new technology and all subscription sites are switching to it to protect their content.

DRM is a set of access control technologies for restricting the use of proprietary hardware and copyrighted works. DRM technologies try to control the use, modification, and distribution of copyrighted works (such as software and multimedia content), as well as systems within devices that enforce these policies.

Unfortunately, we do not support DRM protection (MPEG-DASH-DRM, HLS-DRM protocols) now.

Too intrusive

It is possible to take some steps that will reduce the "intrusiveness" of the software.

  • If you are annoyed by a frequently appearing pop-up Video Button window, you can choose a smaller size or transparency for that pop-up window (Config\Tab Video Capture\Video Button).
    Select Ant Download Manager Video Button size.
  • Disable video\audio capture. Turn ON it only when you want to capture a video or an audio file.
  • Disable the extension. It will not bother you and take up browser resources.Turn ON if will be necessary.
    How to reduce the intrusiveness of Ant Download Manager extension. How to disable AntDM extendion.
  • Try to switch from Video Button to Video Box mode. This mode allows you to capture more video and has a self-contained window that is not tied to the browser Video Button vs Video Box
  • You can turn off the video capture notification for Video Box and show it only if you want to download the video (audio).
    How to reduce the intrusiveness of Ant Download Manager extension. How to disable AntDM extendion.
  • If you only want to capture video then clear settings Config\File Types\Automatically start downloading the following file types, now your browser will download other files by itself.
  • If you only want to capture only certain types of files then list them in field Config\File Types\Automatically start downloading the following file types.

These recommendations will significantly reduce annoying software notifications.

I want to capture only video from my browser, but not any other files. How to customize your program?

You should clear settings Config\File Types\Automatically start downloading the following file types.
After that, the files capture will not occur.

I want to capture all the files that my browser offers to download, but I do not want to capture video and audio?

Turn off the video capture in the popup of our extension in borwser toolbar.

How to reduce the intrusiveness of Ant Download Manager extension. How to disable AntDM extendion.

When I try to install/reinstall AntDM, installation crash?
When I try to install/reinstall AntDM, a error message appears: a missing DLL file, cannot import DLL, cannot load....
What to do?

Try disabling your Anti-Virus then installing AntDM and re-enabling Anti-Virus. The most typical situation is when the Anti-Virus blocks the installation of the software or the loading of its DLL modules. If you think that we distribute malware software, then see the following topic My Anti-Virus detects malware, blocks software from running and triggers a virus alert for AntDM. Do you distribute malware? for the answer to this question.

Why is juddering (jerky) video playback?

The most likely problem in your player and how it interprets the received video data.

Try the following steps to locate the problem:

  • rename output file extension to *.webm, *.mpeg, *.avi,... (some video players mistakenly rely on the file extension as the type of media container)
  • update media codecs (for example from
  • try to use another video player (for example from
  • try to switch the method of video conversion from AntDM to FFmpeg or back Config\Conversion\To convert files to use:.
    Ant Download Manager switching video conversion modes

Video Button vs Video Box

Both features perform the same task - they show the captured video for downloading.
The user relying on his own preference chooses a more convenient way to display the notification of the video file capture.

Technically, Video Button is always binded to the video frame of the web page and the browser tab. If for some reason the video frame cannot be found, the button appears in the upper right corner of the tab. There are rare cases that because of the complexity of building a dynamic web page can not identify the tab to which the video belongs. In this case, Video Button is not shown. Another complicated case where many short videos are played back in sequence in the same frame. These videos supersede each other and are not always easy to download.

Video Box does not have these disadvantages, because it is easier to build and it does not need to be bound to a specific frame and tab. Video Box allows you to capture a slightly larger number of video links then Video Button does.

How to switch Ant Download Manager Video Button to Video Box.

Video Button\Video Box appeared the first time I watch the video, but no longer appears. For others, the video capture still works.
I really want to download the video, I rebooted my browser, computer, reinstalled AntDM, but video capture no longer works for this video.

Sometimes the browser gets the video link and downloads the video to its internal cache. When you play the video again, your browser will access your cache, not Internet. In this case really AntDM will only show the Video Button for the first time when the browser will download the video from Internet. AntDM knows how to work with Internet links, not with the browser's internal cache.

If you really need to download this video you can download it using another browser that has not played this video before or you should clear the internal cache of your browser and reboot it.

AntDM extension significantly slows down the browser in general or on some sites

Try to clean this list: Config\File Types\No more than one connections for downloading. For the vast majority of users (especially those who only download videos), this list of exceptions is unnecessary.

antCH.exe(antFF.exe) process often takes about 100% CPU all the time. Why?

The most likely cause is that you have many video tabs in your browser or many videos in one tab (site page). antCH.exe(antFF.exe) has to keep track of the video frame state, position, size and it takes CPU resources. If there are several such video frames, you may not notice it, but if there are ten or more, your CPU will feel it at once.

We advise ordinary users who are not fans of downloading many videos from the Internet to enable video capture only if necessary. This will save your CPU from excessive load.

How to reduce the intrusiveness of Ant Download Manager extension. How to disable AntDM extendion.

If you like to open many tabs with videos, your popular sites contain many videos on one page, then try to consider an alternative to Video Button vs Video Box.

Audio and video are out of synchronized

In some cases, there may be noticeable desynchronization of audio and video streams. This could be due to a variety of reasons, such as:

  • the site owning the video can insert additional AD snippets into the video stream that AntDM knows nothing about;
  • used unsynchronization as an element of download protection;
  • To eliminate these first two reasons you can try to independently synchronize sound relative to the video. To do this, select from context menu Shift Audio Track item, add a negative value of the audio delay if the audio is lagging behind the video stream or positive value if the audio is ahead of the video stream. Please note that time is set in milliseconds.

    Audio and video are out of synchronized

    Recommended to select Create a new synchronized file in the current folder radio box so that you do not spoil the original file in case of an incorrectly selected delay time. A new synchronized file is created with the addition of the suffix .syns in the same folder as the original file.

  • a synchronization error when AntDM merges hundreds of streaming files;
  • other reasons.

AntDM has two ways to convert video files: using FFmpeg.exe, an external widely-known popular video processing project and the internal antMpg.dll module. In some cases FFmpeg.exe does a better job for video conversion, in other cases antMpg.dll does it better. Try switching the conversion method to the opposite and downloading again.

Ant Download Manager switching video conversion modes