Ant Download Manager - User Guide

Change the Startup Order

In the context menu of each download, in the main window and in the download list, you can set a priority of task.
These are priorities for downloading. Usually, when you add downloads to the downloads list and when you click the button
Start all downloads - the first is always started first, and the last one is finished last.
You can change this start order and choose a download priority for each. (default: Normal)
Example: - On the last download of the list, you put the priority "High" and for another download, a priority "Above". Result: the last download of the list will start first, and the other download will start in second. Then the usual starting order, from the first of the list to the last one.
2nd Example: on a first download, a priority "Low" and on a second, you put a priority "Below".
Result: the others downloads in the list will be started first, (the downloads with priority "Low" or "Below" will be ignored). The first download with a "Low" priority will be downloaded last.
Disable : If you want to wait or not download a download now, you can temporarily disable it. After that you can download it, you must select a priority. (default: Normal)
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