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Chromium Clones

Google Chrome is based on Chromium, an open-source browser project. Anyone can take the Chromium source code and use it to build own new browser. That’s why there are so many alternative browsers based on Google Chrome.
Some examples of such browsers: 360Chrom, CocCoc, Chedot, Comodo Dragon, Brave, Opera, Microsoft EDGE, Slimjet, SRWare Iron, UC Browser, Vivaldi, Yandex, etc. Typically, all of these browsers allow us to run our antCH.crx extension, but sometimes this requires manual installation and configuration.
Select your browser.
Integrate into Chromium, Brave, Coc Coc, SRWare, Torch - for these browsers and some others, integration is automatic, similar to integration in Chrome.
For other browsers from the list, you will be asked to go to the Google Web Store and install the extension manually.
If your browser is not in the menu list, then refer to the page of our site How to integrate into another browser. There you can find additional information about integration into other browsers.
Attention: in some cases you will need to add EXE browser file to the list of clones independently. See Add Chrome Clones.
Some integration mistakes and ways to solve them see here.
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