Ant Download Manager - User Guide

List View

List View is basic view mode for downloads. This view is standart mode for most of the downloader softwares. The interface is simple and intuitive.
You can switch to Thumbnail View click on a button   and go back click on .
Yellow progress is downloading of a file, Green progress is conversion of a media file.
The useful information and controls:
  • Sign of sorting of a column. Click on the header of a column, List View will sort by selected column.
    2. Controls of Quick Access Toolbar:
  • Redownload - downloads file again. The previous downloaded file will removed.
  • Start - starts a download.
  • Stop - stops a download.
  • Priority - "Above" - sets task priority. The tasks with this priority will download before "Normal" tasks.
  • Disable - The task is excluded from the processing. It's an inactive.
  • Priority - "Below"  - set task priority. The tasks with this priority will download after "Normal" tasks.
  • Delete - deletes task from Main list. The downloaded file does not delete from hard disk.
    Quick Deletion:
  • Del - deletes task to History
  • Shift+Del - deletes task without movement to History
  • Ctrl+Shift+Del - deletes task without movement to History and delete file from disk (Full deletion)
  • Open Folder - opens folder and find a downloaded file.
    Open - depending on the file type: opens, executes, plays the file.
    Tip: You can disable Quick Access Toolbar in the program's configurator see Miscellaneous.
    3. Representation of Premium Link Generator (Debrid) download. See FAQ with Debrid.
    4. Header context menu allows to show new hidden column or to hide excess one. Click right mouse button on the header of column.
See also Context Menu.
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