Ant Download Manager - User Guide

File Types

These are the basic settings for automatically capturing and downloading files in Internet browsers.
Also you can make and save some changes to the settings right from the window - suggestions to download the file Download Link with AntDM.
Automatically start downloading the following file types (Speaking of the type of file, we mean its extension - parts of the file name behind the last dot)
When you want to download a file in an Internet browser and click the link, Download Link with AntDM window should automatically pop up with the suggestion to download the file.
If the window does not appear, it is likely that the file type is not listed in the type list for automatic download. Add it to this list. Conversely, if you do not want to download files of a certain type, remove them from this list.
Tip: If you want to use this software ONLY for the purpose of capturing and downloading audio and video from websites, clear this field. This will allow you to capture video, but will disable capturing and downloading other files (EXE,ISO,ZIP,DOC,etc) from websites.AntDM не будет вам надоедать сообщениями о захвате и закачке других файлов (EXE, ZIP, DOC, PDF и тп).
Note: in some cases, automatic downloading may not occur due to a new MIME file type that is not yet registered in the program. Send us such a file for the test (see Contact Us).
Do not automatically download from the following sites - if you do not want to download files from certain sites, add the masks of such sites to the list of exceptions. Suggestions for downloading files will stop appearing.
No more than one connection for downloading - some sites have protection from downloading files by external downloaders. See Sites with a Single Connection.
Don't start downloading automatically from the following addresses - see more Sites-exceptions.
Attention: It happens that the user automatically adds the site to the exceptions from the download form by own mistake. After that, unexpectedly, downloading files stops from this site. You should remove this site from the list of exceptions. (See Sites-exceptions).
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