Ant Download Manager - User Guide


Show start download dialog - displays Download Link with AntDM window.
Show download progress window - after clicking "Download" (now), the window with the file download progress is opened,  unchecked, it does not open. See Progress Window.
Automatically close the progress window after downloading (sec) - if you want the Progress window to close immediately after downloading the file (delay 0) or not immediately, but after a few seconds, then select this checkbox.
Show download complete dialog - at the end of a download for a single file or for each file, an information window opens indicating that the file is downloaded. See Complete Window.
Start downloading immediately while displaying "Download" dialog - when the "Add a download" window appears, the file download starts immediately. You can see a preview of the progress on the top of the window and a percentage.
Note: there are exceptions, when downloading does not start together with download dialog window, for example downloads with protocols MPEG-DASH, M3U8, VIMEO-STREAM, etc.
Prevent hibernation when downloading files - during downloads, the computer does not shut down. (screen saver is not displayed)
Sets the web server datetime for the downloaded file - the date of the downloaded file is identical between the server and your hard disk. Disabled is the date of the download of the file that is inserted (day of download).
Check for duplicate downloads - when adding a new download, AntDM checks the list of downloads. If a similar download already exists, AntDM will show a warning message and offers you to create a new download, resume the old one or cancel the new download.
Delete task after download - if the file is downloaded successfully, the task automatically will be deleted after download. The downloaded file is not deleted.
Quit after downloading the file (not recommended) - AntDM closes at the end of the download.
Animation of video download - for streaming video, AntDM can show a video frame from each video file fragment.
Automatically start downloads when AntDM starts - when AntDM starts, all incomplete tasks begin to be downloaded.
Auto-reconnect when download speed drops - sometimes it happens that the download of the file starts at a high speed, but at the end of the download it drops a lot. Or one, two streams operate at a significantly whiter speed than the rest. Typically, this problem is resolved by reconnecting worker threads to the server. AntDM can automatically detect a decrease in download speed of streams and periodically do reconnection to the server. You should use this feature with caution, as there are hosts that do not like multiple reconnections and stop such a download.
  This feature does not apply to download a stream video.
Show direct urls instead of the sharing ones - sharing links are links that are present in the public domain on a website that you share with the Internet. Direct links (also known as a re-direct Link, a jump link or indirect link) to files are often different from the sharing ones. They are much longer, the web server prepares them specifically and they often have limited lifetime and limited access. In general, the user needs the sharing links to exchange links, which he can share with other people. If you still want to see direct links in the file download window, progress window, etc., then choose this checkbox.
Show download started message in System Tray (Noification Area) - managing notifications in the System Tray (Notification Area for Windows10)
Show download complete message in System Tray (Noification Area) - managing notifications in the System Tray (Notification Area for Windows10)
Automatically close System Tray pop-up after (sec) - managing notifications in the System Tray (Notification Area for Windows10)
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