Ant Download Manager - User Guide

How to temporarily disable integration

If you are annoyed by a often pop-up prompting to download a file or you are bored of the appearance of a video button over many videos, then you can easily disable AntDM integration in the browser and enable it only if necessary.
After correctly integrating into Chrome, Firefox browsers and their clones, you should see the AntDM icon in the browser toolbar. After clicking on the icon, a pop-up window will open.
ON -  means that the browser extension is in working order. The extension can automatically capture download links and submit them to AntDM for download. If you switch to OFF, the extension will be software disabled. Capture of any files will not occur. The logo icon will change the look with  on . In this mode, AntDM extension does not track links at all and does not slow down the browser.
Video ON - means that integration is enabled and video and audio file capture is working. If video OFF, the video button is not displayed but automatic downloads are still enabled. The logo icon will change the look with  on . In this mode, the AntDM extension only tracks link links designed specifically for download. Browser resources are significantly saved because there is no analysis of the incoming video stream and analysis of browser tabs on their video links.
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