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Video Capture

Video capture settings can help change the behavior of the video link view windows and filter the capture of unwanted audio and video files.
Transparency  - transparency of Video Box is permissible if so then how much. See more Video Box settings.
Enable subtitles capture - enable\disable capturing subtitles in Video Box mode.
Note:  in view of the fact that there is no single rule of showing subtitle by sites there are difficulties of identifying subtitles, identifying the belonging to their specific video and language accessories.Currently, it is possible to capture subtitles with acceptable accuracy in Video Box mode.
Show video button even if video cannot be downloaded - by default for media links that are captured and processed, but for some reason (an unsupported protocol feature is forbidden to be shown by the copyright holder’s request, etc.) Video Button cannot be downloaded.
Show expanded selection of media streams - some video hosting services provide additional information on the selection of different audio and video streams (e.g. These streams are available for download in the submenu "Other".
If subtitles are found, then offer them for download - if AntDM finds subtitles, it'll show them on the submenu "Subtitles".
After downloading, get media information about downloaded file - after downloading the video, AntDM receives reference information about the media file, as shown in the picture below.
Remove embedded ads in streaming video, if possible - sometimes to increase monetization, the owners of video sites integrate advertising inserts into they videos that irritate viewers when they watch them. The M3U8 streaming protocol does not have standard indications for the start and end of advertisements. But in some cases it is possible to identify these advertising inserts by indirect signs. AntDM can find such ads and remove them from the final video.
Minimum the audio\video file size to capture - can help to cut off the capture of unwanted advertising audio\video links. A video player often launches one, two or more video clips with a short, and sometimes long advertisement before of the main video. Their sizes are usually within 2-3 MBytes. You can increase the proposed size by default to this limit or more, thereby you will remove unnecessary advertising from the captured links. Please pay attention, the file size is specified in kilobytes.
If the user chooses to load the video with extracting an audio track and converting it to an MP3 format, by default, reference information will be added to the output MP3 file ID3v2. This can be the name of the file or the melody, the author's name, the cover, depending on what it was possible to extract from the description of the video.
  • Add ID3v2 info to MP3 file - If additional textual information of the video is found, then it is added.
  • Add a cover image to MP3 file - if a cover is found, then it is added.
Sites excluded from video capture - if you do not want the software to capture media links from some sites, then you can add these sites to the exclusion list. After that, Video Button and Video Box should not appear on these sites.
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