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I have generated premium links with Generators Premium Links (Debrids) supported by AntDM. But later (at another time of the day, after several hours of opening of AntDM), I could no longer generate links from AntDM.
1. Verify that your Internet connection is still active, or that your VPN is still operational and that it is not interrupted the Internet connection (check by opening your Internet browser and go to a website)
2. check that the link of the host is still valid (file always available): to find out, in the internet browser, click on the link.
3. make sure the status of the host, that it is always "online" (usually with a green color);
- If the host is "online" and the file is still available from the host, try to generate the link again but this time from the website and in your user space of the Debrid:
1. If the link is generated from the website and downloading normally starts with AntDM or from your internet browser:
Close AntDM completely (the icon no longer appears next to the time in the notification area) and open AntDM again, try again.
2. the link is not generated or created from the website or after the link is created, the download does not start, please contact the Premium Link Generators (Debrids) service.
After activating my VPN, or the country change of the VPN, I can not generate premium links with the Debrid service supported by AntDM.
1. the service does not allow the use of a VPN.
2. the service has geographical protection. Your VPN is active:
Either it sends you an email with a code and you must identify yourself on the website of the service with this code.
Either it sends you an email, you must click on a link; (check the SPAM folder)
Either to confirm that it is you, simply log in to your user account.
From the website Premium Link Generators supported or not supported by AntDM, in your user space, you create download links. You have regularly or every time problems to download. (this may depend on the host)
1. In the parameters, choose Method 2 ;
(this parameter is automatically selected to generate and download links, directly in AntDM with supported Debrids ie without going to the user account and generating links from the website)
2. If the problem persists, decrease the number of connections per file to 8 threads, this type of service recommends this parameter.
Some hoster limits the number of connections and when there are too many, this causes the download to stop and error message.
From the website of a Debrid supported, I created my user account. I can not in AntDM, register my account or generate links.
1. It is a free account with a limited number of host. The service does not allow the use of AntDM.
You must purchase a subscription.
I can not register my account RapidPremium (
Your account must be registered with your username and for the password, you must put the API Key / Password.
(this is not the password of your user account)
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