Ant Download Manager - User Guide


You can schedule the download of the file (s) once, periodically, cyclically, with a stop in time, with repeated downloads upon receipt of an error and shutdown of the computer after downloading.
Also you can schedule a download directly from Download Link with AntDM window in Additional options or in Context Menu in the download list.
Start in -
  • Once - the download starts once at a specified time.
  • Daily -  the download starts at specified days and time.
  • Every - the download starts periodically at a time interval after the end of the previous file downloads.
Stop in - stop the download at a specified time.
If an error occured, then repeat the download every - when a file download error is received, the download is repeated periodically at a specified number of times.
Shutdown PC after completion of all download tasks - automatically shutsdown PC via 30 seconds after completion of all the downloads.
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