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Currently, users, as a rule, have sufficient Internet connection speed for parallel downloading of multiple files in multi-threaded mode and navigate in a browser and watch Internet video at the same time. But, sometimes, under certain conditions, slow VPNs, the use of ADSL modems, etc. / Internet connection speed can drop significantly. Simultaneous downloading of multiple files in multithreaded mode becomes impossible. The competing installation of many connections causes large delays and numerous errors. For such cases, use the slow Internet mode with lightweight download options.
What is the speed of your Internet connection?
  • Detect automatically - the software itself, on the basis of the current download speed and received errors, tries to determine the connection speed and set the most suitable download parameters.
  • Fast - download parameters are fully consistent with the user set below.
  • Slow - user download options are ignored. The program forcibly sets the parameters that will minimize the network load and facilitate the download of the file.
Maximum active downloads - it is the number of files that is downloaded simultaneously.
Number threads per download  - the number of simultaneously running threads that independently downloads the pieces of the file. With a certain number of these streams, the apparent increase in the download speed begins to decrease, while the computing load on the computer increases. In other words, there is a threshold after which the speed increase is invisible, but a strong processor load is noticeable. The recommended number is 8-12, but with a significant increase in this number it is recommended to reduce the number of simultaneously active downloads "Maximum active downloads".
Download buffer size - this is a temporary memory area where the pieces of the downloaded file are written before saving them to disk.
Note: As a rule, a small increase in the size of the buffer does not affect the download speed, and a large increase can slightly reduce the speed (if the drive where the file is stored is slow), software have to periodically save the buffer to the file when it is full.
Download Speed per Thread - if necessary, you can limit the speed of file upload. For example, you are viewing the youtube channel and you have several large downloads running at the same time, which slow down the video image of youtube. It makes sense to either slow down the download speed of files or reduce the number of simultaneously uploaded files.
If destination file already exist on the disk:
For Ordinary Downloads - ordinary downloads are all single downloads added with help dialog:  Download Link with AntDM, Add New Download\Address, Add Video Download.
For Downloads List - these are downloads coming in AntDM with downloads list:  Add New Download\List, Add New Download\File, Add Several Downloads simultaneously, Load Link File.
  • Overwrite - the old file will be deleted, the new one will be written with the same name.
  • Rename - AntDM determines that a file with the same name already exists and creates a new one by adding a copy number at the end of the name.
  • Ask - when finding the file of the same name, AntDM will ask a question: rewrite or rename.
  • Ignore - if such a file exists, then AntDM will cancel the download (the file does not download).
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