Ant Download Manager - User Guide

Browser Integration

Enable Browser Integration - quick disabling (not deleting!) integration in all browsers at once. How to remove integration see here.
Suppress blank tab after the capture file to download - sometimes the browser initiates a file download in a new tab. After capturing the file for download, the browser extension tries to find such a tab and close it.
Forbid return of download to the browser - if checkbox is not checked, then if the user refused to download the file (pressing the "Cancel" button) or if the user did not decide to download the file within 25-30 seconds, the download will be returned to Chrome browser. Chrome browser will continue to download the file.
The picture shows how AntDM extension stopped downloading in the browser and switched its to Paused state.
The following key(s) to prevent downloading for any links - you can use keyboard shortcuts to automatically not open the window Download Link with AntDM if you click on the browser link. By holding down the key, clicking on the link you will no longer see the AntDM window.
Add clones... - If you are using the Chrome clone (Opera, Vivaldi, Comodo Dragon, etc.), then its executable EXE module must be registered in Add Chrome clones list. If you have a file grab in the browser, works an extension context menu, but video capture does not work, then check this list. Perhaps you should add the EXE file of your browser there. Too many clones, we do not always have time to update this list.
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