Ant Download Manager - User Guide


What is Torrents and how to start working with it, see Torrents.
To be able to download torrents, you must enable BitTorrent peer-to-peer protocol support when  you are installing the software.
Download torrents enable - enables\disables BitTorrent protocol support.
BitTorrent settings - specific settings for the BitTorrent peer-to-peer protocol.
Associate *.torrent files with AntDM - if you associate torrent files with AntDM software, Windows associates all torrent files with AntDM, assigns AntDM icon to torrent files, runs AntDM by default to download torrent files, etc.
Check association on startup - some other softwares may also associate themselves with torrent files. They replace AntDM association with their own. After that Windows will not associate torrent files with AntDM and will not run AntDM by default to download torrent files. AntDM can check the current association at its start and suggest restoring it.
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