Ant Download Manager - User Guide


Keep history -:
  • Keep history within (7-360 days) -  tasks with the creation date of more than this period will be automatically deleted.
  • Max number os records ( 300-3000) - if the number of tasks of History will be exceeded this value, new tasks coming into history will displace the older ones.
Note: downloading tasks from the History takes a considerable time, so there are restrictions on the number of stored History tasks.
Allow collecting information AntDM to improve the quality of the product - in some cases, product developers want to know the specifics of their software in a particular situation, with a particular link and the like. The software collects information only about its work and in no way about the user's personal data or information about the user's PC. You can disable this feature.
Icon Animation - users who are annoyed by the blinking ant can turn off the animation.
Popup Quick Access Toolbar - users who are annoyed by the pop-up panel can turn it off
Media animation - when you move the mouse cursor over task line, a tooltip window with brief information about the current task is displayed. If this is a video file and the file has already been downloaded, video playback may start in this window. Users who are annoyed with video animation can disable it or set a delay before the animation.
If video playback does not occur,  probably, you should install video codecs (see Update Media Codecs).
Link Parking window always on top - Forcibly forces Link Parking window to be on top of other windows, even over other windows having "Always On Top" property.
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