Ant Download Manager - User Guide


AntDM allows you to select an internal or external media converter. Internal media converter uses a proprietary algorithm to convert using FFmpeg library, and an external converter fully relies FFmpeg.exe process for converting audio and video files.
Sometimes, the converter can not correctly process the video steam (going conversion error, non-synchronous audio and video series and etc.) In these cases, you can try to manually switch the method of conversion and download the video again.
Another common case when connecting an external video converter is useful is the multiple and simultaneous download of videos and especially audios with conversion to MP3. Conversion operations are resource-intensive. They significantly load the computer's CPU and take the time allocated to other program streams. It can cause freezing. of the interface. If you switch the conversion method and let FFmpeg.exe process the audio or video yourself, you will free AntDM resources from the heavy routine work.
Another way to unload AntDM when converting MP3 audio. To unload CPU uses small timeouts between microcycles converting operations.\n\nIf you want to speed up the conversion of the video file, then reduce this timeout (0-timeout disabled). If you want to use your PC at the same time for other tasks, then increase this timeout.
Timeout between conversion cycles (ms) - set timeout value. A preferred value is about 20-40 ms.
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