Ant Download Manager - User Guide


Keep history -:
  • Keep history within (7-360 days) -  tasks with the creation date of more than this period will be automatically deleted.
  • Max number os records ( 300-3000) - if the number of tasks of History will be exceeded this value, new tasks coming into history will displace the older ones.
Note: downloading tasks from the History takes a considerable time, so there are restrictions on the number of stored History tasks.
Icon Animation - users who are annoyed by the blinking ant can turn off the animation.
Popup Quick Access Toolbar - users who are annoyed by the pop-up panel can turn it off
Media animation - when you move the mouse cursor over task line, a tooltip window with brief information about the current task is displayed. If this is a video file and the file has already been downloaded, video playback may start in this window. Users who are annoyed with video animation can disable it or set a delay before the animation.
If video playback does not occur,  probably, you should install video codecs (see Update Media Codecs).
Link Parking window always on top - Forcibly forces Link Parking window to be on top of other windows, even over other windows having "Always On Top" property.
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