Ant Download Manager - User Guide

Video Capture

Video capture settings can help change the behavior of the video link view windows and filter the capture of unwanted audio and video files.
Video Box settings - Enable or disable the transparency of Video Box. See more Settings.
Video Button settings
  • In the "Full screen" mode of your web browser, you can disable the display of the video button when playing a video.
  • Unpin Video Button from browser Tab - Video Button better synchronized with browser Tab if checkbox is unckecked. If the image of the video button is defect (shake, blink), ckeck the checkbox.
  • Transparency  Activate or deactivate the transparency of the video button (not the video box)
And choose the degree of visibility or transparency, 0 to 100%.
If you are using Windows 7, then due to some of WInwows 7 features, you must select "Unpin Video Button from browser Tab" as it shows on the picture.
Show video button even if video cannot be downloaded - by default for media links that are captured and processed, but for some reason (an unsupported protocol feature is forbidden to be shown by the copyright holder’s request, etc.) Video Button cannot be downloaded.
Sites excluded from video capture - if you do not want the software to capture media links from some sites, then you can add these sites to the exclusion list. After that, Video Button and Video Box should not appear on these sites.
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