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Top Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yesterday everything worked very well, but today it stopped. What could happen?

Most likely the reason is on your PC (updates, installation of other programs or software conflict, OS error, Antivirus, etc...).

Try the following steps and after each step, check if the problem is resolved.

My Anti-Virus detects malware, blocks software from running and triggers a virus alert for AntDM. Do you distribute malware?

There are numerous comments of our users who write about the blocking of our software by their Anti-Viruses. They often think that we are distributing malware.These alarm messages of Anti-Virus programs is called False Positives.

The 90s passed, at that time users were infected their PC with getting the software. Currently, if we distribute the malware, Google will quickly block our site and guys in uniform will come to our home!Now one of the main ways to infect your computer is to install the exploit on the hacked sites that you visit daily. This happens imperceptibly and anonymously.

We do not have the ability to install several dozens of anti-virus software to test our software. Instead, we are testing a release build on a popular resource designed for such purposes. If the tests pass without false positives or with a minimum number, then a new version of AntDM is released.

Thank you for understanding!

I pay my Internet provider for Internet bandwidth, eg 100 Mbit /s. I see the value of 5MB in your progress window. Why so?

At the beginning you should convert 5MB to units of measurement Mbps is 40Mbps. So, the download speed of 40 Mbit/s is the speed at which the file travels through the Internet network through many providers, servers, routers and other communication equipment. Each element in this journey may have its own bandwidth, which is shared along with other traveling files and which may eventually be lower than the bandwidth your provider declares. In other words, the speed at which your file is delivered is equal to the throughput rate of the weakest element in this chain.

In addition, the overhead costs of signaling protocols should be subtracted from the stated bandwidth of the provider, and the costs of possible other home consumers (for example, Internet TV, WiFi consumers, etc) should be added to your 40 Mbit/s.

And, Attention! Do not forget about your HDD where the file is written. It can greatly slow down the download. Perhaps it is very crowded, defragmented, and at the same time other competing devices address it. All this greatly reduces the final download speed of the file.

Tip: if you have high-speed Internet, if possible, use SSD drives, this will greatly speed up the final download speed.

Could you add support DRM video protection? Please add support a subscription site ...

DRM(Digital Rights Management) video protection is a new technology and all subscription sites are switching to it to protect their content.

DRM is a set of access control technologies for restricting the use of proprietary hardware and copyrighted works. DRM technologies try to control the use, modification, and distribution of copyrighted works (such as software and multimedia content), as well as systems within devices that enforce these policies.

Unfortunately, we do not support DRM protection (MPEG-DASH-DRM, M3U8-DRM protocols) now.

Too intrusive

It is possible to take some steps that will reduce the "intrusiveness" of the softwate.

Why don't you support Windows XP?

We would be happy to support not only Windows XP, but also older operating systems to meet the needs of all users. To support our product, we use external libraries, for example, for networking, video processing, and so on. Our partners have ceased to support old versions of Windows. We had to do the same to not stop in our development.

Thank you for understanding!

How to merge multiple video files?

Sometimes (very rarely) some sites make videos of several independent files of the same length following one after the other.
The software can not get the entire list of files automatically. You must help him. Each subsequent video file comes after the end of the previous one. To determine the duration of each video file is simple - just download it and you will see its duration. (in the proposed example, the duration of each video file is 6 minutes). To download all files, you must move the slider consistently every 6 minutes (for confidence just over 6 minutes), for example 0, 6:30, 12:30, : 18:30, : 24:30, : 30:30, : 36:30, ... As a result, you will receive a list of captured video links. Download them. If suddenly the server does not give up all the links, then repeat the download of these particular links. Select them. In the context menu, select "Merge Video Files". Make sure all the video files are in the correct order. Merge files.

I want to capture only video from my browser, but not any other files. How to customize your program?

You should open the software settings "Config\File Types" and clear the field "Automatically start downloading the following file types".
After that, the files capture will not occur.

I want to capture all the files that my browser offers to download, but I do not want to capture video and audio?

Turn off the video caprure in the popup of our extension in borwser toolbar.

How to reduce the intrusiveness of Ant Download Manager extension. How to disable AntDM extendion.

When I try to install/reinstall AntDM, installation crash.
When I try to install/reinstall AntDM, a error message appears: a missing DLL file, cannot import DLL, cannot load....
What to do?

Try disabling your Anti-Virus then installing AntDM and re-enabling Anti-Virus. The most typical situation is when the Anti-Virus blocks the installation of the software or the loading of its DLL modules. If you think that we distribute malware software, then see the following topic My Anti-Virus detects malware, blocks software from running and triggers a virus alert for AntDM. Do you distribute malware? for the answer to this question.

These recommendations will significantly reduce annoying software notifications.