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Minimum the audio\video file size to capture - can help to cut off the capture of unwanted advertising audio\video links. A video player often launches one, two or more video clips with a short, and sometimes long advertisement before of the main video. Their sizes are usually within 2-3 MBytes. You can increase the proposed size by default to this limit or more, thereby you will remove unnecessary advertising from the captured links. Please pay attention, the file size is specified in kilobytes.
If the user chooses to load the video with extracting an audio track and converting it to an MP3 format, by default, reference information will be added to the output MP3 file ID3v2. This can be the name of the file or the melody, the author's name, the cover, depending on what it was possible to extract from the description of the video.
  • Add ID3v2 info to MP3 file - If additional textual information of the video is found, then it is added.
  • Add a cover image to MP3 file - if a cover is found, then it is added.
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