Ant Download Manager - User Guide


Show start download dialog - displays Download Link with AntDM window.
Show download progress window - after clicking "Download" (now), the window with the file download progress is opened,  unchecked, it does not open. See Progress Window.
Show download complete dialog - at the end of a download for a single file or for each file, an information window opens indicating that the file is downloaded. See Complete Window.
Start downloading immediately while displaying "Download" dialog - when the "Add a download" window appears, the file download starts immediately. You can see a preview of the progress on the top of the window and a percentage.
Note: there are exceptions, when downloading does not start together with download dialog window, for example downloads with protocols RTMP, MPEG DASH, M3U8, F4M, etc.
Prevent hibernation when downloading files - during downloads, the computer does not shut down. (screen saver is not displayed)
Sets the web server datetime for the downloaded file - the date of the downloaded file is identical between the server and your hard disk. Disabled is the date of the download of the file that is inserted (day of download).
Check for duplicate downloads - when adding a new download, AntDM checks the list of downloads. If a similar download already exists, AntDM will show a warning message and offers you to create a new download, resume the old one or cancel the new download.
Quit after downloading the file (not recommended) - AntDM closes at the end of the download.
Forbid return of download to the browser - if checkbox is not checked, then if the user refused to download the file (pressing the "Cancel" button) or if the user did not decide to download the file within 25-30 seconds, the download will be returned to Chrome browser. Chrome browser will continue to download the file.
The picture shows how AntDM extension stopped downloading in the browser and switched its to Paused state.
Maximum active downloads - it is the number of files that is downloaded simultaneously.
Number threads per download  - the number of simultaneously running threads that independently downloads the pieces of the file. With a certain number of these streams, the apparent increase in the download speed begins to decrease, while the computing load on the computer increases. In other words, there is a threshold after which the speed increase is invisible, but a strong processor load is noticeable. The recommended number is 8-12, but with a significant increase in this number it is recommended to reduce the number of simultaneously active downloads "Maximum active downloads".
Note: for Method 1 and Method 2 for uploading files, this parameter has a slightly different value, see Download Method.
Download buffer size - this is a temporary memory area where the pieces of the downloaded file are written before saving them to disk.
Note: For download with Method 1 the increasing of the buffer may speed up a download, with Method 2 does not have any action or slightly reduce.
Download Speed per Thread - if necessary, you can limit the speed of file upload. For example, you are viewing the youtube channel and you have several large downloads running at the same time, which slow down the video image of youtube. It makes sense to either slow down the download speed of files or reduce the number of simultaneously uploaded files.
Enabled, unfinished downloads are started automatically when AntDM is opened.
If a file with the same name is already present at the download location, you can :
  • Overwrite or Crush (replace it)
  • Rename automatically (change its name automatically by adding a number)
  • Ask  : If it finds the same file, you can choose to - overwrite or - rename.
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