Ant Download Manager - User Guide

Download Link with AntDM

This dialoag window comes at the time of grabbing the download link.
Hints - at the first opening of this window, there are hints in red boxes. You can learn to AntDM and will do own work with AntDM more easy.
If you have understood these hints you can permanently remove the entries in red, click on the cross.
URL Address - address, link of the file.
File size - file size if the server returned it.
Date - the time when the file was last modified, if the server returned it.
File Name - the file name. You can rename file here.
Categoy - see Categories.
Save this path for categoy - see Categories.
Save this path for file type - if the checkbox is selected then AntDM will save the folder selection for the type of the given file (in the specific EXE example) and next time AntDM will offer this folder for saving EXE file.
Note - any user notes.
Filters :
Download by one thread - for some websites, multi-connections to the file are not allowed. You can download the file in one thread by selecting this menu item.
Download on low speed - example, if your internet connection is weak, you can continue your internet browsing. or watch TV (reception via internet)
Tip: you can avoid rise up this window in your browsers. You should "CTRL"(by default)  key at the moment of downloading file. See Browser Integration.
If you want to download the file immediately, click Download, if you want to download later, click Download later. In the latter case, you must start the download manually.
Note: in the case of Download Later, do not forget that video services tend to have links with a limited life time. After this time, the links become unavailable. Most likely when you type such a link, you will receive an HTTP403 or HTTP404 error.
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