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  • Load Link File - you can create a text file, for example with Notepad, and write or paste download links. Then, using this function, you can directly import all your links directly into AntDM by selecting this text file.
    Tip: you can copy a number of links to the clipboard (make sure that in Programm Settings, the capture of links from the clipboard is enabled). AntDM constantly looks through the clipboard in the search for links. If the links are found, a pop-up window with a suggestion to download them will pop up.
  • Exit - Close completely AntDM.
View See View Submenu.
Downloads -
Downloading -
  • Redownload - Download a file again. The old downloaded file will be removed.
  • Start all - Starts all incomplete downloads relying on Maximum active downloads (see Downloads). The remained downloads pass into "Waiting" state.
  • Stop all - All downloads started and all pending downloads are stopped
Browser integration - See Browser Integration.
Hoster Status - used for (Premium Link Generator). Works only with a predefined list of multihosters.
Config - opens the settings dialog window. See Program Settings.
Check for updates - searches for a software updates. If updates is found AntDM will be offered to update the program.
Update Media Codecs - opens the web page where you can download last version of  media codecs for your PC.
We do not advertise this site, but in our opinion the K-Lite Codec Pack build has been one of the best codec builds for many years.
Report bug or your message - Allows you to report a bug (a problem) or send a message.
Registration - Register the user license. See Register License.
Forum - Go to the AntDM forum
About ... - Information on the software version, the author of the software, the official website and the email of the technical support, name of the translator
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