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FAQ with Browser Integration

The main sign that the extension is properly installed is the logo in the upper right corner of Chrome, Firefox browsers and their clones.
To resolve browser integration problems due next steps:
1. If you just installed AntDM, it's possible your internet browser was opened during installation. Restart a browser.
2. Read again Ant Download manager - Addons. We maintain this page is up to date. It may be that your extension is not installed, turn off or deactivated.
3. Probably integration was disabled or corrupted. See Browser Integration.
4. Only for Google Chrome browser - if you accidentally manually removed the DLHelper extension from the list of extensions, then restore it by this link Download with Ant Download Manager.
5. For Chrome clones be sure that there is an executable file of your clone in list of Add Chrome Clones
6. Perhaps you simultaneously launched Google Chrome browser and its other clone (for example, SRWare,...). If the clones have the same executable module names (chrome.exe), then the extension of one of the browsers will not work. The video button will not be available, etc...AntDM controls the current browser by the name of its module.
If the clone modules have the same names, then ambiguity arises. Use these browsers in turn.
7. Sometimes it happens that users install the program under one account, and run AntDM or a browser under a different account.
8. Turn off your Antivirus and try to integrate again.
9. If after previous items the AntDM extension installed correctly and enabled, there is a conflict with other installed extensions. Disable other extensions and try  it again to solve your problem. Reactivate the extensions one by one and check the operation of the AntDM extension between each activation. (do not forget to refresh the page). When the AntDM extension stops working, the last active extension is in issue. (usually there is no problem but I ask you to check)
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